Work Injuries

Many people may be surprised to learn that eet are injured more often than any other part of the body in the work environment. Foot injuries occur in every industry and work setting.

It is important to realize that injuries to the feet do not have to be the result of a catastrophic accident at work. Injuries to the feet can be caused by working conditions, the nature of the work position, or even simple accidents such a box dropping from a shelf on to the foot.

3 Types of Workplace Foot Injuries

Foot injuries are generally divided into three types of injuries when they are work related.

  • Puncture wounds or cuts caused by falling objects or carelessly placed items that penetrate shoes.
  • Sprains, strains, and fractures caused from slip and falls and from items being dropped on or rolled over the feet.
  • Fatigue injuries caused from long term standing, walking or performing, such as fallen arches, bunions and similar conditions.

Each of these injuries can seriously impact your ability to work and your overall health. All foot injuries should be examined and treated by a doctor at One Podiatry to ensure proper care and healing.

Why Medical Care From a Foot Specialist is Important

Many people believe that their sore feet or their strains and sprains just require a few hours of rest and relaxation. They will “put their feet up and relax” in an effort to feel better the next day. In reality, avoiding seeking professional care from a doctor could lead to long term health problems with their feet.

Protecting Your Feet Is Essential

One of the most important things that any employee can do is make an effort to protect their feet. While all injuries and accidents cannot be avoided, there are a few things that every doctor will recommend to keep your feet safe and healthy.

  • Always wear protective shoes. If you work in any type of manufacturing or construction, wear steel toed shoes for protection. If you work in areas that are wet or slippery, opt for anti-slip soles.
  • Wear shoes that are wide enough. Make your feet comfortable. Feet that are crammed together in a shoe can quickly become injured.
    • Wear comfortable shoes. If you stand for long periods of time, seek out shoes with ample arch support and comfortable insoles.
    • Change your shoes frequently. Shoes wear down and insoles lose their ability to provide support.

Of course, if there is ever any issue with your feet, you should seek the advice of a doctor at One Podiatry so that you can correct the problem and receive treatment for any injury to your feet.